Trans activists recently tried to start a rumour that “TERF” stickers with razor blades behind them were being found in the women’s bathroom at Manchester Oxford Road train station.

British Transport Police have confirmed that there is no evidence this is true, and consider it a hoax.

Males projecting male violence onto women

For those who aren’t in the know of this anti-radfem fanfiction, this is the picture of the “damage” done by these supposed razor blade stickers.

Come on and try harder; anyone who’s ever been cut by or intentionally cut themselves with a razor will know that dingy little scratch barely visible on the tip of his finger is well-healed over time (definitely did not just happen less than a month ago) and is far too uncritical to be razor damage. Let alone ripping down a sticker with razors behind it would create a strangely-shaped, deep scar set not a straight small cut that looks like an intentionally drawn across incision.

Where exactly is the damage on Erin’s hand?

Supposedly on the second finger from the left, about halfway down the tip, a small barely noticeable pinkish streak about even with the tip of his first finger. It’s probably a papercut he gave himself while listening to MCR in his mother’s bathroom bemoaning that he now has to make “evidence” of his claim against The Terves.

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