When you raid your daughters bedroom in the house owned by your ex wife to find some cute panties.

[submitted by granola]

troons standing like a child who needs to pee in order to trap their dicks between their legs is honestly one of the most clockable stances lmfao what woman would ever

you angered him

Why does he look like a thousand year old fetus?

He never developed his frontal lobe

One reblog=one prayer

Can we make that a reaction picture??

Are we not going to talk about what a heinous violation of his daughter it is to “raid” her bedroom and steal and wear he underwear? That is gross and hella abusive.

i genuinely don’t know if he did that. i assumed we were just taking the piss outta him

That’s definitely a teenager’s bedroom. Look at the bed, paint choice, decor, etc. An adult male pedophilic autogynephile wouldn’t decorate like that – they’d go more infantile and pink.

P.S. Sorry to my followers for making you see Gollum in Wal-Mart panties.

shit. you bring up good points. @larpsandtherealgirl is this legit?

I’m pretty sure those are letters on the wall like when kids rooms have their names written on them?

I don’t doubt a troon would decorate their room like this, however @canola-juice​ submitted this and reverse image searching it only shows this post so uh whomst’s room is this granola?

@sammyrey42 who’s room is that?

Well I asked him and this was his response. So…

This is legitimately creepy

I thought testosterone levels decreased with age. Plus this creature is so frail and skinny, how could it still be so violent? It looks like it’s on the verge of death, where does it get the energy?

Of course he’s got a sub kink and likes female dregradation lmao

And of course he owns one of those socks. Lmao why are they all stereotypes?????

How to delete someone elses post… 

“make me feel dirty” fam you’re already there

His name is Steven Douglas Trobridge also known as Samantha Trobridge/Samantha Spriggs/Sammy T. He is 46 and his address is 1440 W 27th St in Indianapolis IN 46208-5226. He works as a Care Coordinator at Managed Care Entity/ Managed Health Services – Centene coperation. He also has a wordpress account ( stevieteeblahg.wordpress.com )
where he writes “short stories” aka his fantasies about kidnapping and brutally murdering the women in his life. It’s disturbing to say the least. Its all very trashy slasher horror involving gore. His twitter under the same user name as his tumblr is full of him posing naked with sex toys on his DAUGHTERS BED.

I did some research and that actually is the bedroom of his daughter/stepdaughter whose name is Izzy and im assuming hes wearing her underwear. izzys moms fb is https://www.facebook.com/natalie.spriggstrobridge in case anyone wants to let her know what this pedo is doing to her daughter. Also someone should contact his employer. Let’s send his nudes to his coworkers and boss too lmao

His fb: https://m.facebook.com/trobridge his blog archive: http://archive.is/uUv8g

bonus: of COURSE hes a natural ginger and used to look like this lmfao


@canola-juice @metroidgf @pronounrespecter @radgoblin @femalebrain @angrylesbiana @gendertrenders @pro-uterus-agenda  boost please

Please share this, guys. Our observations and instincts were 100% correct. I hope Izzy gets far, far away from this sick fuck.

@trans-abuse-receipts @transrapeculturemisogynyreceipts

I think someone is a little upset 😂👌

S U F F E R , B I N C H


when being a creepy fuck around your daughter is a-ok but pointing out that it’s wrong is terf violence 👌

“TERF terrorism” lmfao he doesn’t even get what terrorism is but ALREADY thinks he’s a victim of it

Lmao why are they like this oml

I know this is really old because I saw it before I ever had a Tumblr, but does anyone know if the mother and daughter got away and are safe now?

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