Im super sorry but surgery and hormones don’t change your biological sex, it only alters the appearance of our secondary sex characteristics and it requires extensive surgical and hormonal replacement procedures for semi natural looking effects and are NOT proof that biological sex is a mere social construct that fluctuates easily and does not matter in our sexual orientations/relationships and it certainly does not mean sexism and women’s oppresion is “because of the hatred of the feminine”

Biological sex is a reality you can’t change, attraction is sex based, no one is attracted to the concepts of “femininity and masculinity” a thats the most sexist concept I’ve ever heard and I cannot believe its coming out of the “liberal” “progressive"and “feminists”

This brings up a good point: the fact that you HAVE to undergo extensive surgery to change the appearance of secondary sex characteristics to appear “passing” is very proof that bio sex is not a social construct. If it was a social construct, there would be no need to physical change. You could just adjust your attitude.

  • Biology means crap in terms of genetics. Fungi have 43 different types of genders. Plus, the slightest hormonal and/ ir chemical alteration could change the genetic code of the fetus. Just admit it, you dont like trans people and are nitpicking through whatever helps you without being truly informed. The caucasity you have

Honey…humans aren’t fungi, or clownfish or whatever animal that fits your delusion, we are a sexually dimorphic species, no one is nitpicking, biological sex isn’t a social construct

You didnt comment on the slightest changes. You are nitpicking. You want to know more facts since we are part of an aanimal kingdom? You know there are animals whose females become males because they have to change gender. There are animals who assimilate to the others gender to mate. And back to the humans. The slightest change in the process can cause different patterns in the dna code. Dont you honey me. You havent earned it yet.

Alright I’ll play. Firstly, you’re thinking of gene expression not changes in DNA. While it has been shown that differences in womb environment can change the gene expression of a fetus, the DNA code cannot change. There are a few things that can, namely radiation and oxidizers, but those won’t change your sex, you’ll just get cancer. CRISPR is rather experimental and would be unethical at best. Secondly, while you are correct that there are species on this planet who can go through natural sex changes, like clownfish, humans are not one of then. We are sexually dimorphic, there are only two different sexes. There are only two sex cells that we produce, eggs and sperm. Females are belonging to the sex that produces ova or eggs. Males belong to the sex that produces sperm. While any given individual may be infertile, that does not mean they are part of some mystical third sex, since they do not produce a third sex cell.

While you are correct that fungi have more than two sexes, their life cycle is so beautifully complex and ultimately irrelevant, as fungi are a completely different kingdom from humans that how they reproduce is just, not, relevant.

Sincerely, a biologist.

@elfrescomax Fungi have many different sexes because they have many different gametes. Humans have exactly two: ova and sperm. That’s it. We have two sexes. That’s all. Some animals with two sexes can change sex. That is, they change which gametes they produce. Humans can’t do that. Humans have never been able to do that. Women are women, men are men. Nothing socially constructed about it.

Humans are bipedal mammals, the latest in the evolutionary chain. You’ll notice that the further we go back in the history of life and view species less evolved than us, creatures’ sexes are determined by factors other than chromosomes such as temperature like Komodo dragons (a reptile, a more recent branch of the evolutionary chain), change sexes depending on reproductive need (clownfish, further back than reptiles), or do not have sex at all such as microorganisms that predated what we know as ocean life. Humans and other primates are the least likely of any species to ever be able to change sexes or have a third sex. We are too far down the evolutionary road as placental mammals to turn back and reinvent the wheel of reproduction.

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