If you can’t understand that non binary is just an extension of the gender binary that does nothing to abolish gender but actually re-inforces it idk how to help you

From my take as a non-binary person and gender non confirming person, this is the modern notion and acknowledgement that a gender binary has existed and will continue to exist for some people while giving those who do not want to live in the gender binary an opportunity to live outside of it. There is plenty of historical and cultural argument against the gender binary with identities such as Two Spirit (Native American), Hijras (South Asia), and Il Femminielo (Italy). Many in LGBTQ+ studies argue that the gender binary is therefore colonialist due to the number of gender variant identities outside of Western Europe. Even the identity of intersex defeats the notion that there is some kind of biological identity of male and female.

I thought these talking points had all been so heavily debunked that they weren’t even worth talking anymore but apparently not lmao. People are really still saying this shit.

Intersex is not an identity, what the fuck. It’s an umbrella term for multiple medical conditions you are born with, not some mysterious third sex. Not to mention that people with intersex disorders have asked approximately 10000000 times not to be used as misappropriated props in your stupid gender rationalizations.

There’s a person on Twitter who (I’m not sure if they’re intersex) basically attests to this and has written about the issue:

@inferior-mirage and @radfemflareon are two of the best sources for intersex information on here, IMO. They always have really great articles and super detailed explanations, and I’ve learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know from their blogs.

While she’s not currently active I also recommend taking a read through the blog of @star-mut who unlike Mirage and I has the experience of living with a sex reversal disorder, being genetically male but an external female phenotype. She speaks more in the way of how gender theory ushered in by John Money affects intersex lives than of how intersex disorders work, like I focus on. She’s got far more knowledge in the way of intersex rights politics than I do as someone with only a mild variant and with only two decades on this earth. She’s been here for the entirety of the birth and rise of modern queer theory and its engulfment of intersex activism and offers great perspective on how the cogwheels are turning.

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