I’ve got to point out that it was not very long ago that we were fighting for these types of institutions to even have women’s bathrooms in the first place–when universities were only grudgingly beginning to accept female students and women were not considered to belong in the public sphere.

The sparse decades between that period and today are the blink of an eye in the history of humanity. We could easily find ourselves right back in that society.

It really is a massive step backwards thinly disguised as progress. 

Notice how the men’s restroom is never touched by this crap. It’s only women who are expected to sacrifice their privacy. 

People need to start switching the “all-gender” signs to cover the men’s room. You know how quickly men would freak out? That’s exactly why these institutions never do it, never convert every restroom into an “all gender” room, because it would piss off men, and that actually matters to them.

This gender trend does nothing  for equality, it just feeds off of and exacerbates the same old sexism.

If men weren’t a systematic threat to everyone why couldn’t they just make their bathroom into the “gender neutral” one?? Why do only males get to keep their personhood and be respected as people? Why are women always forced to accomodate male feelings?

The universities that are doing this need to be making new facilities for these gender neutral bathrooms. Make them accessible for disabled people, too. Make them an all around good. Those who want gender neutral bathrooms are getting what they desire, women who do not want to share a bathroom with males are getting what they desire, and disabled people are given more facilities that are accessible to them. It’s a win-win-win. They have the money for it. The reason they’re not doing it is because they don’t really give a shit to do the right thing or to “waste” money when they could just slap on a new sign over the women’s bathroom and not give a fuck about the resulting sexual assaults and inserted spycams that follow. Twenty bucks says a school will shell out to have urinals installed in a women’s restroom before making disability-accessible gender neutral restrooms.

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